07 September 2009


Here is a 3 phase alternator stator winding. This winding was burnt due to overload in one phase. We can clearly see all coils of a phase winding is overheated and blackened. Normally this type of winding failure do not get warranty repair.


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  2. Hi,
    I have a basic understanding of rotors. I wanted to know why
    one-phase damage would not be warrantied. What sort of operation does this type of damage indicate? Thank-You

  3. Normally repairing under warranty is done for manufacturing defect only. Here in the above picture it is clear that all coils of a particular phase is overheated and burnt. It is due to overload in that phase. Thus it is clear that winding is failed due to overload and not due to any manufacturing defect. So the the machine will not be repaired on free of cost basis.


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